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Braindump2go helps you keep in step with Cisco Official Exam Center!Keywords: 640-722 Exam Dumps,640-722 Practice Tests,640-722 Practice Exams,640-722 Exam Questions,640-722 PDF,640-722 VCE Free,640-722 Book,640-722 E-Book,640-722 Study Guide,640-722 Braindump,640-722 Prep Guide,Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials (IUWNE) QUESTION 1To implement a more secure means of communication for voice and data, what technology successfully resists interference by utilizing a wider bandwidth than needed for the transmitting signal? A.    Spread SpectrumB.    MicrowaveC.    Extended U-NII2D.    ISM Bands Answer: A QUESTION 2An 802.11g network is experiencing intermittent signal degradation and Spectrum Analyzer is being used to try and locate the problem. What two interferers would likely be identified? (Choose two.) A.    multiple cell phonesB.    microwave ovenC.    FM RadioD.    cordless phoneE.    document scanner Answer: BD QUESTION 3A wireless bridge is being installed near an airport. An organization informs the city council about complying with max power levels that could be used and settings on any 5GHz channels used that might interfere with the airport radar. What organization is this? A.    Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersB.    Internet Engineering Task ForceC.    Federal Communications CommissionD.    Wireless Fidelity Alliance Answer: C QUESTION 4An installation uses a 21dBi parabolic dish. It is connected to the 802.11n radio via low loss antenna coax rated at 4dB loss/100 feet. After testing, it has been determined that 2mW of power will be lost in the cable. An EIRP producing 200mW is desired. What should the transmit power be set to? A.    8mWB.    3dBmC.    3.16mWD.    5mW Answer: C QUESTION 5An engineer is seeing a pattern closest to that of an Isotropic Radiator. What other antenna will produce a similar pattern? A.    5 dBi patchB.    13.5 dBi YagiC.    2.2 dBi omniD.    21 dBi parabolic Answer: C QUESTION 6When using multiple SSIDs on a lightweight AP, how does the traffic of each SSID reach the 802.3 network? A.    provide routing between them at the core so that the SSIDs can reach the internetB.    configure 802.11q trunking on the Ethernet switch port that is connected to the APC.    configure ACLs at the switch port that will allow all desired SSIDs to pass trafficD.    configure the SSIDs on the WLC and it will regulate the traffic based on traffic type Answer: B QUESTION 7Refer to the exhibit. Based on the diagram, what two design requirements must be met? (Choose two.)  A.    WGB is AutonomousB.    WGB is UniversalC.    WGB can be Autonomous or UniversalD.    Upstream AP is AironetE.    Upstream AP is not AironetF.    Upstream AP can be any make/model Answer: AD QUESTION 8What 802.1x role is responsible for moving a port to the authorized state? A.    SupplicantB.    AuthenticatorC.    Authentication ServerD.    RADIUS Server Answer: B QUESTION 9How many types of control frames are only used in PCF mode? A.    0B.    1C.    2D.    3E.    4F.    5 Answer: D QUESTION 10An engineer is gathering information for a wireless survey of a hospital. What three pieces of information must be collected for an active survey to assess the outcome best suited for the facility? (Choose three.) A.    presence of microwave ovensB.    number of patients that are at the facilityC.    utilization of Location Services or voice applicationsD.    floor plans of adjacent facilitiesE.    use of wireless for secure recordsF.    spectrum analysis to locate all the computer work stationsG.    existing Network Switch types and model numbersH.    type of devices present on the new wireless network Answer: ACH 100% 640-722 Complete Success & Money Back Guarantee!By utilizing Braindump2go high quality Cisco 640-722 Exam Dumps Products, You can surely pass 640-722 certification 100%! 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